Secret Treasure

Secret Treasure

  • Publish Time: 2021
  • Highest Multiplier: 2000x
  • Supported Platforms: Window / Android / Mac / HTML5
  • Overview:

Secret Treasure will keep you entertained with a variety of features. The first is that this game allows for an unlimited amount of playing as well as winning. There are also unlimited bonus games and multipliers as well. Play for a shot at winning 2,000x your bet!

  • PayTable:
  • Rule:

1. Click start to begin the game. Crush Flagstone to win the prize.

2. Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest.

Storm Mode Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest / 3 .

3. Each type of Treasure Chest has different odds and effects.

4. Special function「Choose」button to choose targets manually.

5. Golden Treasure Chest without winnings, but trigger Totem Effect definitely.

6. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round is considered invalid.

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