Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon

  • Publish Time: 2019
  • Highest Multiplier: 1500x
  • Supported Platforms: Window / Android / Mac / HTML5
  • Overview:

Dinosaur Tycoon is a unique fishing game with innovative topic Dinosaurs!The latest, fashion and cutting edge fishing game, which will allow you to have the feeling of immersive being rich at Jurassic! Various dinosaurs, Boss Challenge and Multiple weapons to choose from! Beat the Boss! Fulfill your dream!

  • PayTable:
  • Rule:

Flying dragon Wheel

  • When the player captures a Pterodactyl
    King, it will trigger the wheel. The player can select when the pointer stops.
    Multiply the numbers on the outer circle and the inner circle to get the
    multiplier you will receive, up to a maximum of 500x.

Golden T-Rex

  • Prize Up to a maximum of 150,000.00
  • 1. Shoot the Golden T-Rex for a chance
    to get the prize multiplier.
  • 2. The energy bar will fill slightly
    when you get a hit. There is a
  • chance for the energy bar to hit a Gold
    Treasure Chest, open the
  • treasure chest to get the Golden T-Rex
  • 3. Multiply the prize in the treasure
    chest with the [Prize Multiplier],
  • up to 1500x prize!

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