Crazy Hunter

Crazy Hunter

  • Publish Time: 2021
  • Highest Multiplier: 2000x
  • Supported Platforms: Window / Android / Mac / HTML5
  • Overview:

Defeat the menacing waves of monsters and increase your wealth to unimaginable height. Crazy Hunter challenges you with a special tower defense gameplay, where you drop the cannonball to blast towers and win prizes, you must aim and shoot at monsters flying by to earn money. Complete the map to be able to enter the next level. 

  • PayTable:
  • Rule:

1. Tap Start to enter the game. Destroy towers to drop the monsters and win prize money.

2. Winning score = bets X monster payout odds.

3. Each monster has different payout odds. Player can also win extra bonus effects.

4. Use the “Next” button to select target to attack!

5. If the game result cannot be determined due to malfunctioning, the game round will be invalid!

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