Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing

  • Publish Time: 2019
  • Highest Multiplier: 1200x
  • Supported Platforms: Window / Android / Mac / HTML5
  • Overview:

Bombing Fishing is the fun fishing that brings you the most exciting fishing experience! With a dazzling array of innovative modes, including gold bombs and torpedo attacks, Bombing Fishing is here to turn your gaming experience up a notch. There are plenty of surprises in store for you! Start downloading now and enjoy the fun!

  • PayTable:
  • Rule:

Bounty Game

When you catch a Bounty Crab, you can roll a die, rolling bonus will trigger the Bounty Game. You have multiple free laser cannon charges in the Bounty Game, catch crabs for huge prizes, reward up to 1200 times. (Joy Hall up to 600 times}

Free Nuclear Bomb

(Joy Hall chips games uses Golden Bombs)

1. When the player fires, they will accumulate energy. Once full, they can

press the button to release a free nuclear bomb and attack in a wide range.

2. The energy meter uses bet ratio for conversion, release of free Nuclear

Bombs is calculated using the bet at that moment.

3. Three minutes after the player leaves or the game is disconnected, the

energy will be cleared.

4. If the energy meter has been full for 3minutes, the system will

automatically use it.

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